We help you have more calm, contentment and joy in your life

Would you like to:

  • be able to manage and reduce stress and anxiety?
  • have more calm and tranquility in your life?
  • live more fully in the present moment?
  • appreciate yourself more?
  • have more contentment and fulfillment in your life?

You may have read self-help books, may have tried meditation or yoga or may have attended the occasional personal development workshop but feel that it is now the time to create further change so you can live a more fulfilling life.

Then lets have a chat.  Through mindfulness training and coaching we will enable you to deal with negative emotions and thoughts, and negative self-talk thereby managing more effectively and reducing stress and anxiety.  Through the practice of mindfulness, you will also develop better self-awareness and self-knowledge, be able to live more fully in the present moment, be more self-compassionate and kinder to yourself,  feel better within yourself, become more self-confident, deal with your fears, enjoy life more, improve your relationships with others and discover your true self.

Mindfulness, which is,`the awareness of what is going on in the present moment’, is accessible to each one of us, and once you have learned how to bring mindful awareness into your life, you will never look back!

Meditation can be a form of mindfulness but you do not have to start with meditation as a lot of people find it difficult to do so, you can start with easy mindfulness techniques that you will be able to apply to your daily life.  Indeed, at Mindfully Serene we will give you all the support that you need to make it easier to integrate mindfulness in your everyday life.

We offer tailored one on one mindfulness coaching to suit your needs, requirements and lifestyles, a 6 week Mindfulness in Everyday Life course as well as mindfulness workshops, keynote speeches and overseas retreats.

So check our services and contact us today. If you would like a 30 minutes free discovery mindfulness consultation  via phone to discuss what you would like to change in your life and how we can help you do so through one on one mindfulness coaching, call Lise on 0405067030 or email us via the contact form.


I attended one of Lise’s workshops a little while ago and found it to be a really valuable experience. It is very easy to have “tunnel vision” and Lise taught me the value of stepping back and taking things in. It is amazing how much the quality of your interactions improve when you practice mindfulness in your everyday life. (Lisa, Aug. 2016)

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`I wanted to say a massive thank you to Lise for taking me through her 6 week individual mindfulness program. I feel that I have a better grasp on being more present and mindful in my personal and professional life. Lise’s approach is enthusiastic and her explanations practical. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lise and no doubt will work with her again. I have no hesitation in recommending her training, services and approach.’ (Evan, Dec. 2016). 

`Lise is very passionate about mindfulness and about ensuring we all get the best from the practice’. (Kelly, June. 2016).

`Wonderful facilitator, this course has truly changed my life. I have learnt so much from it and have incorporated the skills I gained into my daily life from day 1’. (Marina, Sept. 2015).

`Lise has an engaging approach coupled with good focus, a lot of experience and great insight’. (Rosa, Sept. 2015).