How to Reduce Work Related Stress

We all experience work related stress at times, whether we are an employee or have our own business. If you are employed, you may be stressed because you feel overworked, worn out, unappreciated, unheard, having to deal with conflicts or are not satisfied with your role.

If you have your own business you may be stressed because you worry about how to grow your business, you may find it hard to keep your head above water financially, and may also feel overworked, worn out and overwhelmed by so many things to do.

If we do not find ways to manage stress it can impact very negatively on our health, well-being, work and family life.  With mindfulness, there are many different ways to minimise and manage stress. With these 5 following tips, you can improve your working day by becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings about your work and working environment and giving you more effective strategies to help you be calmer and more focused and engaged.

1. When you walk into work, tune into your breath, and notice the thoughts and emotions that you may have without judging yourself. If your face is tense, try smiling and take a couple of slow deep breaths.
2. Pay attention to how you interact with others during the day, noting the kind of thoughts that you have and the body sensations you experience as you do so without getting hooked by them. Be as present as possible in your interactions, keeping eye contact and really listening to others.
3. Rather than multitasking, try doing one thing at a time and giving it your full attention.
4. Take a short break every hour if you can: doing mindful stretches, neck and shoulder rolls, walking indoors or outdoors, or watching your breath for a minute standing or sitting.
5. At lunch time, try to eat away from your desk, if you are on your own, fully connect with the sensations of eating or eat with people you feel comfortable with. If you can, go for a walk, paying attention to your surroundings and the sensations in your legs and feet as you walk.

For further information and videos on how to practice mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve your concentration, go to our website,
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