How to Deal with Difficult Emotions

We all experience emotional pain from time to time such as, for example, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt or anger. We tend to want to escape these emotions and avoid looking at them because they are of course painful. However, trying to push them away and wishing there were not there or giving ourselves a hard time for feeling this way  simply compounds the pain and creates additional stress for yourself. Alternatively, we can keep thinking about how bad we feel, also reinforcing emotional pain and creating more stress in our lives in the process.
Both options contribute to depression and anxiety and often to physical health problems in the long term. In fact, we need to learn to deal with difficult emotions by looking at them rather than running away or getting hooked by the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and who we are. Mindfulness will help you do that. Here are 5 steps that will help you deal with difficult emotions so you can have more peace, joy and tranquillity in your life.
1. Name the Emotion
Say to yourself here is a feeling or I notice a feeling of, for example, sadness.
2. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this
For example, you can tell yourself, `we all experience these at time’ or` it’s only human’.
3. Notice where the emotion is in your body
Bring your attention to the emotion and notice where it is in your body without judgement.
4. Stay with the sensation
Notice how the sensations feel in that area of your body. Any thoughts come in just notice them and let them go, bringing yourself back to feeling the sensations and breathe into them so that you can relax into them.
5. Investigate with gentle curiosity
Notice the shape, colour, thickness of the sensations associated with that emotion in your body without falling into a story. You will notice that the sensations will shift and change.
The more you practice this, the easier it will become to do. It is recommended to start practicing these steps with a feeling of unease like frustration or disappointment rather than a very strong emotion.
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