About Lise

IMG_9753Dr. Lise Saugeres is the founder and Director of Mindfully Serene (previously Experiential Mindfulness Melbourne).

Lise has a PhD in the Social Sciences from Manchester, UK, and worked as a social researcher at university for many years in Canada, the UK and Australia primarily in the areas of families, employment and health and well-being.

Lise has a Certificate in Mindfulness Therapy, a Certificate in Results Coaching, the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and 20 years teaching and training experience.

Lise now combines her wealth of experience to design and deliver original and unique mindfulness training and coaching to both individuals and organisations. Lise helps people manage and reduce stress so they can have more peace and joy in their lives.

Lise is a Keynote speaker and has conducted many related mindfulness talks and seminars at expos, business networking events, community organisations, libraries and businesses.  For a list of previous talks, click here.

For upcoming talks, click here.

Lise is also a published author and has a chapter entitled, `How mindfulness has changed my life and how it can change yours’, in an edited book, http://voilasuccess.com/index.php/products-page/bitsie-books/creating-your-life-mindfulness-and-meditation/

Lise started to practice mindfulness 15 years ago during which she attended many mindfulness and meditation courses, groups and retreats. Lise has also always been interested in psychology, self-development and personal growth. In the past she herself struggled with stress, depression and anxiety.  Through the practice of mindfulness she was able to increase her self-confidence, recover from depression, reduce stress and anxiety and have a more fulfilling life.

Because mindfulness has had such a significant impact on her life, Lise has decided to share this with others by becoming a mindfulness trainer and coach.  Lise is very passionate about helping others feel empowered and live fulfilling lives.