Online Course Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Learn and incorporate mindfulness techniques to deal with everyday challenges and stresses

Mindfulness in Everyday Life that has been run in Melbourne face-to-face over the past 5 years is now online!

When faced with everyday challenges, negative thoughts and emotions might come up for you. However, if you let these negative thoughts and emotions take over, you will experience anxiety, stress and other health problems.  This is why it is so important to have inner resources to manage difficult thoughts and emotions so they don’t take over your life especially when times are tough. 

So if you would like to learn mindfulness tools to be able to stand back from your thoughts and emotions enabling you to become more resilient to life’s challenges, minimise everyday stress, live in the present moment, feel more at peace and improve your health and wellbeing join our online course now.

An 8 week course via interactive online video platform once a week with access to online weekly exercises, Closed Facebook Group and online support.

Weekly live online session via Zoom where you will be able to actively participate and even interact with each other in small groups in our breakout rooms as if in a classroom situation but from the comfort of your own home.

Every Monday night 6.30 to 8pm AEST starting on 21June 2021 until 9 August 2021.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to practice quick mindfulness techniques in your everyday life
  • How to make it easier to meditate
  • How to establish and maintain a daily mindfulness practice
  • How to become more resilient to stress in your life
  • How to gain a more positive outlook on life
  • How to stand back from your thoughts and emotions
  • How to  move through difficult emotions
  • How to reduce anxiety
  • How to have a better relationship with yourself
  • How to improve communication and relationships with others
  • How to appreciate more the present moment



Imagine . . .

·       Being more in tune with yourself

·       Having more self-confidence

·       Having more self-awareness

·       Feeling calmer and more grounded

·       Appreciating more the present moment

·       Responding rather than reacting to potentially stressful situations

·       Having better relationships with yourself and others

·       Finding more joy and fulfilment in what you do . . .



This means that now wherever you live in the world you can benefit from our online course, if you cannot participate in the live classes, do not worry we record each session so you can watch them over and over again over the 8 week program and you have access to free online support.

Reviews from Previous Course Participants

`Wonderful facilitator, this course has truly changed my life. I have learnt so much from it and have incorporated the skills I gained into my daily life from day 1’. (Marina)

` I truly didn’t expect the profound changes that were about to occur.  This course enabled me to recognize where my life has been stuck in old limiting belief patterns, while also providing techniques on how to develop a new system for change with the possibility to live a fuller happier life.  I highly recommend this course to all who seek the same’. (Christina)

`Mindfulness in Everyday Life has opened doors for me to another way of being, a calmer and peaceful way of being and living. It has enabled me to handle stress better and see it differently so that the stress has less power over me.  Thank you Lise.’ (Kaye).

`This is a great course. Lise is a great teacher who gently guides you through the life changing experience of mindfulness. The course sets you up very well to be able to embed mindfulness into your everyday life. I can recommend it to all. Thank you’. (Shannon).