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This program is online with weekly classes via interactive video platform. The advantages of this program are:

  • As the weekly classes are recorded, you can watch them again any time over the 8 week program
  • Get more clarity by being able to pause, rewind, and take notes
  • Wide range of guided recorded meditations
  • You can join our program from anywhere in the world
  • Get access to Lise’s most up to date resources and information
  • Support each other in the closed Facebook group
  • Just like the in-person course: Techniques, worksheets, interaction, online support through closed Facebook Group

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  • Choose "Pay In Full" below to register with one payment of $399 for Special Offer. Choose "Pay in Full below to register with one payment of $449 by 23 July 2018 or $499 after 23 July 2018
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