Testimonials from our Previous Mindfulness in Everyday Life Course

`Without having any real knowledge of what Mindfulness was, I decided to sign up for a six week Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Level 1 Course with Dr. Saugeres, to see what the hype was about, I truly didn’t expect the profound changes that were about to occur.  This course enable me to recognize where my life has been stuck in old limiting belief patterns, while also providing techniques on how to develop a new system for change with the possibility to live a fuller happier life.  I highly recommend this course to all who seek the same’. (Christina, Ormond, June 2016).

`Lise is very passionate about mindfulness and about ensuring we all get the best from the practice’. (Kelly, Elwood, June 2016).

`Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Level 1 has opened doors for me to another way of being,  a calmer and peaceful way of being and living. It has enabled me to handle stress better and see it differently so that the stress has less power over me.  Thank you Lise.’ (Kaye, Ormond, June 2016).

`If you are interested in mindful living then Mindfulness in Everyday Life is the course to teach you the fundamentals.  It will help you learn to be relaxed and focused.’ (Paul, Ormond, June 2016).

`I enjoyed the course. It has helped me to handle stress better and to relate to other people more effectively.’ (Julie, Ormond, June 2016).

`I found the course very useful in developing my ability to be in the moment.’ (Dale, Elwood, June 2016).

`Lise was a wonderful tutor and made everything very clear, simple and informative’. (Boris, Nov. 2015).

`This course was great to learn new techniques plus information for relaxation/stress relief and helpful for me. Thanks.’ (David, Nov. 2015)

`Lise has an engaging approach coupled with good focus, a lot of experience and great insight. I would recommend this course to anyone’. (Rosa, Nov. 2015)

`This is a great course. Lise is a great teacher who gently guides you through the life changing experience of mindfulness. The course sets you up very well to be able to embed mindfulness into your everyday life. I can recommend it to all. Thank you’. (Shannon, Elwood, Sept. 2015).

`Lise provides a well-rounded and comprehensive introduction to mindfulness, balancing theory with practical application to make the practice relevant in and out of the classroom. Thank you Lise, you have heightened my awareness and I am very excited about applying mindfulness practice every day as well as exploring it further.’ (Dora, Elwood, Sept. 2015)

`Wonderful facilitator, this course has truly changed my life. I have learnt so much from it and have incorporated the skills I gained into my daily life from day 1’. (Marina, Elwood, Sept. 2015).

`Lise facilitates the Mindfulness course in an accessible and practical manner. The course is relevant, easily applied and has resulted in me being able to be content with the present moment and learn to watch the influence my mind has upon my daily life for the better.’ (Eugene, Elwood, Sept. 2015).

`I enjoyed the course. I was familiar with the theory of mindfulness but had previously been unable to put it into practice. Thank you’. (Lindy, Elwood, Sept. 2015).

Testimonials Workshops

The other week I attended Lise’s `How Can Communicating Mindfully Help You and Your Business?’ workshop and can confirm it was an excellent investment of my time and money – Lise shared numerous tips which may seem simple but are in fact very effective in enhancing your communication skills so that both parties get the maximum benefit out of the dialogue. The workshop is a combination of theory and practical group exercises so that participants get to be involved and experience the benefits of mindful communication firsthand. I recommend this workshop to anyone whose role involves a lot of interaction with other people’ (Peter, July 2016).

`I attended one of Lise’s workshops a little while ago and found it to be a really valuable experience. It is very easy to have “tunnel vision” and Lise taught me the value of stepping back and taking things in. It is amazing how much the quality of your interactions improve when you practice mindfulness in your everyday life (Lisa, August 2016).

`Interesting and engaging presentation'(Robert, Sept. 2016.).

`Relaxed and easy going flow of information. Detail well pitched and discussed with careful facilitation, well structured presentation’ (Tony, Sept. 2016).

`A great way to apply my understanding of mindfulness to business’ (Ed, Sept. 2016).